Perfume Dabber

Perfume Dabber


Unique perfume applicator that you can carry in your handbag. Features a screw on top that won't leak perfume everywhere due to it's rubber seal and a reservoir inside the body that holds your favourite perfume. Just dab it on! Finished in a smooth, beautifully turned strawberry acrylic.

  • Instructions for use

    Loading the perfume dabber with perfume.

    There is a wick inside the body of the dabber which allows the perfume to be soaked up into the tip. To get the perfume into the wick, follow these instructions, leaving the tip in place in the dabber:

    If you have a bottle where the spray top will unscrew or can be removed then, with the tip in place, simply dip into the perfume for a minute or so, and it will soak up into the wick. If you cannot remove the top from the perfume bottle, then spray a few times into another small vessel and use that to soak up from.


    The tip will swell and stay in place when filled with liquid. The screw on cap seals with a rubber gasket to keep your perfume from evaporating but please do not tighten it too much as this may harm the gasket in time. Before refilling the dabber you can, if you wish, clean the tip by soaking it in household type alcohol. We recommend only using one perfume type in any one dabber. Replacement tips can be obtained from us if required.


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